Green Academy / Energy Institute

Investing in the Energy Workforce

Our courses, programs and degree opportunities have grown since the Academy was started in March 2009, just as the opportunities in these exciting renewable and alternative energy/energy efficiency fields have grown. Whether you are starting your working life, transitioning to a new field of work or desire to stay up-to-date on the latest technology and trends in your career field, we have options for you!

Students enrolling in the Green Academy can focus on a specific area or learn about a variety of topics and career paths. Students also have access to state of the art training equipment for hands-on, experiential learning.

Degree Options:

Energy Management A A S Degree ~ Prepare for a career in energy efficiency, renewable energy or energy management. Employment opportunities are increasing as commercial, industrial and residential energy users strive to reduce energy consumption and related operational costs.

Certificate Options:

Non-credit certificate program options include:

Solar Photovoltaic Installation ~ The solar field continues to grow as material prices drop and tax and rebate incentives continue to grow!  This brings increased customer demand and employment opportunities.  Students gain hands-on learning in our state-of-the-art Solar Training Yard which offers opportunities to work with cutting edge industry technology and materials.    

Solar Photovoltaic Sales ~ As the solar industry grows, so does the need for qualified people who understand solar principles and applications as well as being able to make the sale to a potential customer.  The courses were developed by highly qualified industry experts and content is based on the NABCEP Job Task Analysis.  Successful certificate completion meets the education eligibility requirement to take the NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification Exam.

Related Programs:

Contractor, Electrician, and Engineering CEUs ~ We offer both online, short duration courses as well as half and full day in-person workshops that are approved through DOPL for re-licensure. Plus you will learn new topics or keep up-to-date with codes and emerging opportunities in ‘green’ technologies.

Electric Power Technology ~ “Over 42% of the technician level workforce in sub-station management, metering, and line technology will retire within the next five years” – a fact stated by Governor Gary Herbert in his ten-year Strategic Energy Plan. This extensive program is already proving to be a great stepping stone for entering this growing and exciting industry.

Our courses were developed with input from industry and are designed to meet current and emerging market needs. Our instructors are professionals with extensive backgrounds and experience in their field who share their real-world skills and knowledge with students.

Some programs require experience in a related field.

STEP AHEAD with SLCC ~ leading the way in offering courses for joining or advancing in one of these growing and exciting 'green industry' jobs.

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This program, part of the Green Academy training, is based upon work that was supported by the U. S Department of Energy under Award Numbers DE-OE0000457 and DE-OE0000458.