Event & Meeting Planner

Event & Meeting Planner

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to plan and organize meetings and events? This certificate program is designed for new and aspiring meeting and event professionals, as well as, those seeking a career change. Meeting and Event planning is a multi-billion dollar industry. Organizations are increasingly concerned about getting a higher return on investment. Employers recognize the need for an educated and skilled workforce. Students completing all nine online courses will be awarded a certificate upon completion. Students may also enroll in individual courses to increase their skills and knowledge in areas of specific interest.

  • EVNT 1010- Intro. to Event & Meeting Planning
  • EVNT 1100- Site Selection / Negotiation and Law
  • EVNT 1200- Transportation and Housing
  • EVNT 1300- Event Registration
  • EVNT 1400- Food & Beverage Management
  • EVNT 1500- Hotel Sales and Operations
  • EVNT 1600- Special Events
  • EVNT 1700- Non Profit Event Planning
  • EVNT 1800- Money Management for Event Planners

Each course is two credit hours and offered as half-semester courses, 1st half or 2nd half of each semester.  Students need to complete their coursework in whichever 8 weeks of the semester they are enrolled in.  

Sample Schedule

Semester 1

Semester 2

Fall 1st half

Fall 2nd half

Spring 1st half

EVNT 1010 (2 cr)

EVNT 1300 (2 cr)

EVNT 1600 (2 cr)

EVNT 1100 (2 cr)

EVNT 1400 (2 cr)

EVNT 1700 (2 cr)

EVNT 1200 (2 cr)

EVNT 1500 (2 cr)

EVNT 1800 (2 cr)

Application to Salt Lake Community College is required.