Accelerated Business A.S.

If you’re eager to start or advance your career in business, Salt Lake Community College has some exciting news for you. We are now offering a fast track Associate of Science degree in Business. This program is geared toward working professionals who want to upgrade their skills, progress in their careers, or transfer to a four-year business program. Students have the opportunity to complete their degree in as few as 14 months!

Quality Instruction

Students will have access to full-time highly qualified instructors and advisors who will work as a team to ensure that courses are integrated and meet high academic standards.

Designed for Working Professionals

Students move through the program as a group and generally take three classes each session. The courses will utilize a blend of classroom and online instruction.

Predictable Schedule

Classes will meet every Tuesday and Thursday evening.

Convenient Location

The Larry H. Miller Campus, with its premiere business facilities, is located at 9750 South 300 West, in Sandy.

Fast Track

Complete your degree in as little as 14 months! The accelerated degree encompasses all the core courses in business that are needed to complete the Associate of Science in Business degree. For individuals who need General Education (GE) classes, there will be opportunities to take the GE classes concurrently with the program!


The Associate of Science in Business degree is accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and courses are transferable to most four-year institutions of higher education in Utah.

Program Prerequisites

Prospective students must complete an application.

  • Complete ENGL 1010, with letter grade of B or better, or qualifying placement score.
  • Complete Math 1010 within the last 12 months, with a recommended letter grade of B or better, or qualifying placement score.
  • CIS 1020 with a letter grade of B or better or qualifying placement score.

Contact if you have questions about the prerequisites or program.



Applied Business Calculus

BUS 1100
This course examines the mathematics of calculus applied to business applications. Polynomial and exponential functions, mini-maxi theory, limits, derivatives and integration will be reviewed.

Bus. Computer Profic.-Database

CSIS 2010
Course covers various features and functions of spreadsheet and database software for business applications. Class consists of lectures and demonstrations of how specific software tools can be used...

Business Statistics I

MGT 2040
Collection, analysis, and interpretation of business and economic data. Includes measures of location and dispersion, estimation and hypothesis testing, ANOVA, contingency tables, correlation, and...

Foundations of Business (ID)

BUS 1050
Historical, sociological and philosophical overview of the fundamental aspects of business. Topics: business in a world of change, socioeconomics, the human factor and ethics in the workplace and...

Intercultural Communication (ID, DV)

COMM 2150
Examination of how cultural similarities and differences impede or enhance communication across cultures. Issues of diversity, values, norms among different cultures, as well as issues of cultural...

Intermediate Writing (EN)

ENGL 2010
Extends principles of rhetorical awareness and knowledge-making introduced in English 1010 and increases the ideological engagement within the classroom. Interrogates socioeconomic and political...

Legal Environment of Business

MGT 2050
Principles of business law, including torts, contracts, agency and commercial law. Business forms including sole proprietorship, partnerships and corporations are explored along with common legal...

Managerial Accounting

ACCT 2020
Managerial accounging is the study of developing and using accounting information essential for management decisions. Topics covered are job costing, activity based costing, inventory management,...

People & Cultures of SW (HU)

ANTH 2011
This course offers an introduction to the diverse peoples of the American Southwest. The course will examine the cultures of the Hopi, Navajo and Ute people.

Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON 2020
This course studies the economy as a whole. Concepts of scarcity, demand and supply, output and income, growth, inflation, unemployment, interest rates, money and banking are all examined. Current...

Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 2010
This course studies consumer and producer behavior, and the role specific economic units play in market development. Elasticity, consumer choice, production costs, and profits are examined relative...

Program Introductory Workshop

CEAB 0001
Introductory workshop to orient incoming students and provide a brief overview of the Accelerated Business Degree Program.

Survey of Financial Accounting

ACCT 2010
A broad view of accounting’s role in providing information to external users of financial information. The primary focus is the use of financial statements by investors, creditors and other entities...