CSIS 2010

Bus. Computer Profic.-Database

Course covers various features and functions of spreadsheet and database software for business applications. Class consists of lectures and demonstrations of how specific software tools can be used and correct formula and function syntax. Students will develop knowledge and skills using spreadsheet and database software as business problem solving tools.


CIS 1020

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CSIS 2010-250

*Program Application Required
CRN: 43190
Instructor: Champine, Dana
Course Type: Hybrid (Online + Classroom)
Term: Accelerated Block 4
Semester: Fall
Dates: Aug 07, 2017 to Oct 13, 2017
Days: R | Time: 7:40 PM-9:40 PM
Credits/Contact Hours: 3
Campus: Miller Campus
Building: MFEC
Room: 209
Amount: $5.00