CEGN 0111

Genealogy and Family History Writing

This course introduces students to various forms of genealogical and family history writing, such as a compiled genealogy, four-generation report, research report, record resource guide, and family history narrative. It also introduces students to analytical reading, the writing process, analysis and evaluation of genealogical research.


Guide to Genealogical Writing: How to Write and Publish Your Family History; 3rd Edition, 2014; by Penelope L. Stratton and Henry B. Hoff; New England Historic Genealogical Society; ISBN 978-0-88082-312-8.  Order at www.scatteredleavespress.com.

Carmack's Guide to Copyright & Contracts: A Primer for Genealogists, Writers and Researchers; 2005; by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack; Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co.; ISBN - 978-0-80630-1758-8.

Tell It Short: A Guide to Writing Your Family History in Brief; 2015; by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack; Scattered Leaves Press; ISBN-978-0-9972076-0-6. This books is available only from www.ScatteredLeavesPress.com. You may purchase it using PayPal.

Prerequisite:  GEN 1000/CEGN 0001 Intro to High Tech Genealogy AND GEN 1090/CEGN 0090 Writing Life Stories. Students should have done a significant amount of genealogical research on the family/families they wish to use for their writing assignments in order to be successful in this class.

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CEGN 0111-001

CRN: 45804
Instructor: Carmack, Sharon
Course Type: Online
Term: Non Credit
Semester: Fall
Dates: Aug 23, 2017 to Dec 07, 2017
Days: -
Credits/Contact Hours: 45
Campus: SLCC Online
Building: MPDC
Amount: $350.00