CECT 0125

Stix and Brix to Dollars and Sense $39.00

Internet Course Utah DOPL Approved Continuing Education Hours: 2.0 Professional Hours.  Business can be easier than we make it. This class will focus on the how to's of transitioning from trade specifics to business specifics. If you are losing sleep wondering what to do next with your business, this class is for you! Whether you're in survival mode or you want to gain market share, you will leave with some clear next steps to give you solid footing to achieving excellent results.

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CECT 0125-001

CRN: 25333
Instructor: Hymer, Jadra
Course Type: Online
Term: Non Credit
Semester: Spring
Dates: Jan 01, 2018 to May 13, 2018
Days: -
Credits/Contact Hours: 2
Campus: SLCC Online
Amount: $39.00