Diagnostic Medical Sonography / Ultrasound

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program prepares students for the challenge of operating state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment. In addition, students learn how to read results from ultrasounds and explain the results to patients in a way they can understand. This two-year certificate program prepares students to sit for the national registry examinations in abdominal, obstetric/gynecologic and vascular areas through the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). All of this combined, prepares students for a rewarding career in this sector of the healthcare industry.



Abdominal Sonography

DMS 1020
This course covers sonographic anatomy and scanning procedures of the abdomen and superficial structures.  Emphasis is on the various disease processes and their sonographic appearance. This course...

Clinical I

DMS 1130
Students attend a clinical setting 24 hours each week. Emphasis is on professional qualities required of a sonographer and the basics of performing sonographic examinations. Activities are guided by...

Clinical II

DMS 1230
Students attend a clinical setting 24 hours each week, for a total of 192 hours. Emphasis is on expanding the scanning proficiency and range of the student. Professional growth is continued....

Clinical III

DMS 2030
Students attend a clinical setting 32 hours each week, for a total of 480 hours. Students continue to broaden their knowledge base of sonographic exams and techniques. Emphasis is on increased...

Clinical IV

DMS 2130
Students attend a clinical setting 32 hours each week. Students continue to broaden their knowledge base of sonographic exams and techniques. Emphasis is on pathology detection. Activities are guided...

Clinical V

DMS 2230
Students attend a clinical setting 24 hours each week, for a total of 192 hours. Students gain the skills necessary to enter the workforce. Emphasis is on efficiency and accuracy. Activities are...

Comprehensive Sonography

DMS 2210
This course provides a comprehensive review of all previous program coursework. This course is designed to prepare students for the ARDMS registry exams in Abdominal, Obstetric / Gynecologic,...

Ethics in Healthcare

DMS 2040
This online course will examine ethical dilemmas facing clinicians and non clinician health care workers. Students will cover a wide variety of issues including the ethics and morality behind patient...

Exploring Sonography

CESO 0100
This course provides an overview of the medical sonography field as well as the Salt Lake Community College Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program. Topics include preparing for a career in sonography...

Fetal Anomalies

DMS 2110
This course is taught primarily online. This course will provide an in depth survey of fetal anomalies. Topics include fetal development, normal vs. abnormal sonographic appearance, chromosomal...

Medical Terminology

MA 1100
Course uses videos, supplemented lecture & covers over 350 medical word roots, suffixes, prefixes. Emphasis placed on pronunciation, spelling, proper usage of medical term. Medical abbreviations...


DMS 1110
This course covers the anatomy and scanning procedures of the female pelvis and the developing fetus. Information on anatomy, pathophysiology, sonographic theory, and sonographic technique will be...

Pathophysiology I

DMS 1220
This course examines the biological basis of disease processes.  Alterations in normal physiologic function in each of the major organ systems in the human body will be addressed. Students will be...

Pathophysiology II

DMS 2220
This course is a continuation of DMS 1220 - Pathophysiology I.  Areas of focus include; disorders of gastrointestinal function, diabetes mellitus, disorders of the male & female genitourinary...

Patient Care

DMS 1010
Prepares students to provide basic care to patients. Includes patient interactions, history taking, transfer techniques, vital signs and oxygen, infection control, aseptic/non-aseptic techniques,...

Physics / Instrumentation

DMS 1030
This course covers the fundamental principals of ultrasound physics.  Sonographic instrumentation and image artifacts will also be covered. Information gained in this course will be used to further...

Sectional Anatomy

DMS 1210
This course is taught primarily online. Students access a website for course instructions, lectures, assignments and materials, and to communicate with the instructor and with other students.

Ultrasounds Lab

DMS 1040
This course compliments didactic course instruction. Students will observe scanning equipment, techniques, and have a hands-on opportunity to perform basic skills necessary for a sonographer.

Vascular Sonography

DMS 2010
This course provides students with a detailed study of vascular sonography. The course will include imaging of the venous and arterial system as well as non-imaging testing. Special physics topics...