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Energy Management is the efficient and effective use of energy to minimize costs and reduce future energy demand. The program focuses on the fundamentals of energy and the energy systems in residential and commercial buildings. Energy efficiency measures and leadership through sustainable practices are explored. 


AEE Approved Education Provider - Students who complete and obtain the AAS Degree in Energy Management from Salt Lake Community College will be entitled to take the examination for Certified Energy Manager (CEM) certification at any of AEE's established remote testing center locations, including the Larry H. Miller Campus of SLCC.


Transfer to a Four-Year Degree - Students earning the AAS in Energy management may transfer to Bismarck State College to complete an online Bachelor of Applied Science in Energy Management.


Training Prerequisites: Must be met prior to enrolling in the first block of classes.

·         MATH 0980 with C or better or appropriate testing score

·         WRTG 0990 with C or better or appropriate testing score

·         Basic proficiency in MS Excel


Schedule - The program is offered in an accelerated format allowing students to complete the two-year degree in as little as 18 months. A new cohort begins each August approximately three weeks ahead of the regular semester start date. Classes are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings.


Location - Larry H. Miller Campus


Credit/non-Credit - Credit (Credit programs require application to the College and coordinator registration for required program courses) EGMT courses can be taken as non-credit continuing education courses. Keep up with Energy Management Program news and events by connecting with us!


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Advanced Photovoltaic Systems

EGMT 1720
Optional Elective for EGMT AAS.  Builds upon the foundation of knowledge students acquire in the Basic Photovoltaic Systems course. After successful completion of course work in both the Basic and...

Alternative Energy Technologies

EGMT 1540
Survey of sources of energy that may be used to increase energy supply in the Mountain West region including: wind, geothermal, solar and biomass. Environmental, social and economic advantages of...

Basic Photovoltaic Systems

EGMT 1710
Optional Elective for EGMT AAS.  Introduces students to the basic principles of utility interactive photovoltaic system design. Through classroom instruction and Solar Training Yard hands-on lab...

Building Energy Simulations

EGMT 1130
Course reviews computer programs available for analyzing commercial buildings. Topics include code & output format, BIN methodology, hourly simulations & current programs on market. Students...

Commercial Air Conditioning Systems Analysis

EGMT 1220
Course will explore many commercial A/C systems commonly found in the commercial environment. Site visits to help students identify system types. Conservation opportunities associated with each...

Commercial Energy Analysis

EGMT 1120
Analysis of energy use and management in light commercial buildings; preparing for and performing walk through audits in apartments, restaurants, and retail/office complexes. Emphasis on analyzing...

Construction Materials & Methods

CMGT 1410
Optional Elective for EGMT AAS.  Course provides students with knowledge of light commercial and residential building techniques and materials. Examines common construction materials, components, and...

Electrical Principles for Alternative Energy

EGMT 1700
Provides students with a basic understanding of electricity and the National Electric Code pertaining to the renewable energy fields. Through class room instruction and hands-on learning, students...

Elementary Physics

PHYS 1010
Conceptual survey course in introductory physics. Principles of mechanics, heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism and modern physics.

Energy Accounting

EGMT 1420
Course will review energy units, data gathering for energy accounting utility rates & schedules, energy data organization, adjusted baselines, cost avoidance, load factor, data analysis, data...

Energy Control Strategies

EGMT 1230
Course covers devices used to regulate energy use in buildings, pneumatic/electric/electronic; from manual to auto & simple switches to microprocessors. Emphasis on control/calibration problems...

Energy Efficiency Methods

EGMT 1240
Emphasis on energy management calculation methods using computerized spreadsheets, energy conversion factors, dimensional analysis & documentation stds. Fundamental efficiency calculations...

Energy Investment Analysis

EGMT 1410
What is and isn’t appropriate energy efficiency measure investment? Utility rate schedules, simple payback analysis, compound interest, time value of money, cost estimating, life cycle cost analysis...

Energy Management Capstone

EGMT 2800
Course provides relevant field experience that integrates theory & practice while providing opportunities to develop skills, explore career options & network w/ professionals & employers...

Energy Management Seminar I

EGMT 2060
Seminar is a pathway for students to increase their understanding of industry expectations, as well as develop job search tools/skills. Designed to transition students from classroom to co-op to...

Energy Management Seminar II

EGMT 2065
Seminar is a pathway for students to increase their understanding of industry expectations, as well as develop job search tools/skills. Designed to transition students from classroom to co-op to...

HVAC Energy Analysis I

EGMT 1110
Course introduces residential and light commercial energy use. Topics include heating & cooling systems, building envelope, insulation type, blower doors, indoor air quality, heat loss...

HVAC Energy Analysis II

EGMT 1210
An overview of the refrigeration cycle, HVAC system types, tuning, operating and maintenance (TOM), air duct design, psychrometrics and energy conserving retrofit options.

Intro to Architectural Drawing

ARCH 1100
Students will learn about architectural drawings used in residential and commercial projects. Practical skills for reading blueprints containing floor plans, sections, details, elevations and...

Intro to Energy Management

EGMT 1010
Course provides an overview of the energy management field and defines the need of energy management as an integral part of society. Course also presents various vocational opportunities through...

Lighting Applications

EGMT 1320
Students will review terminology & lighting fundamentals, IES illuminance selection procedures, evaluate lighting systems, luminaries & associated components, perform illuminance calculations...

Lighting Fundamentals

EGMT 1310
Course assesses quantity & quality of light, light sources & controls, luminaries, manufacturer lamp & ballast specifications, lighting power density & HVAC interactions, retrofit...

Spreadsheet Applications

CSIS 1019
In this course, students will use various features and use of current spreadsheet software. Students will learn the syntax, use and application of spreadsheet features/tools through tutorial lessons...

Sustainability and Green Building

ARCH 2990
Optional Elective for EGMT AAS. This "Special Studies" section allows Energy Management students to learn about sustainability and the advantages of integrated design and construction techniques.