EGMT 1700

Electrical Principles for Alternative Energy

Provides students with a basic understanding of electricity and the National Electric Code pertaining to the renewable energy fields. Through class room instruction and hands-on learning, students will be able to: perform basic electrical circuit calculations pertaining to watts, volts, current and resistance; determine voltage drop, navigate through the NEC, properly and safely use a multi-meter, know basic electrical safety hazards and OSHA mandated lockout/tagout procedures, understand basic electronic devices such as diodes, rectifiers and transistors.

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EGMT 1700-025

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CRN: 42778
Instructor: Bishop, Thaniel
Course Type: Hybrid (Online + Classroom)
Term: Accelerated Block 5
Semester: Fall
Dates: Oct 16, 2017 to Dec 22, 2017
Days: T | Time: 6:00 PM-9:00 PM
Credits/Contact Hours: 3
Campus: Meadowbrook Campus
Building: MBP2
Room: 100
Amount: See Current Tuition Rates