"The Energy Management program at SLCC was a very positive experience.  I think that the most important thing is that the classes were taught by people who are industry professionals.  They were teaching from experience, not just from a book.  They made sure to cover things that they knew we would need to know in the real world.  It was easy to tell that they were teaching because they wanted to be sharing their passion."

- Bill Leach, Energy Management Graduate


"This program was exactly what I was looking for because it has taught me what I needed to know.  I needed technical expertise in order to be able to help improve efficiency and in order to help make the environment more sustainable. Now that I have been through this program, I have a really solid foundation in the components that are going to impact a building's energy efficiency.  It's really exciting to have a good handle on the principles of energy efficiency so that I can be part of being an innovator for solutions."

- Lara Gale, Energy Management Graduate