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Advanced LEED

CECT 0202
Course focuses on green building and energy conservation issues taught by an expert in energy conservation building.

Construction Law Topics

CECT 0207
The AIA A201 (American Institute of Architects) form and the new Consensus DOCS contracts endorsed by the Association of General Contractors will be discussed. Recent changes along with suggestions...

IBC Commercial Codes

CECT 0209
Includes information on current International Commercial Building Code requirements. Overview of the changes from 2003-2006 IRC and State of Utah Building Code amendments with respect to commercial...

Insurance-related Legal Issues in Construction

CECT 0204
Engineers will become more familiar with construction insurance policies, what they cover and how to protect oneself in the event of misfortune as a result of an engineer's work.

Intellectual Property & Copyright

CECT 0216
Course reviews intellectual property issues involved in the engineering and construction industry.  Trademark, licensing, trade dress, trade secret and other aspects of intellectual property law in...

IRC Residential Code

CECT 0210
Review of current International Residential Building Code requirements. Overview of the changes from 2003-2006 IRC Utah Building Code amendments with respect to residential buildings.

LEED 101

CECT 0201
Overview of LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) principles & the LEED rating system used to measure and certify buildings that employ green building principles in their...

Legislative Topics in Construction

CECT 0208
Examines legal changes that the Utah Legislature made in 2009 and how those changes impact engineers’ business. Reviews regulations as they relate to construction trades and how court decisions have...

Litigating a Construction Case

CECT 0205
Evaluates litigation in construction cases, and examines the pros and cons of alternative dispute resolution, the expense associated with litigation and tips to avoid future litigation.

Mechanics’ Liens Law

CECT 0203
Overview of mechanics’ lien laws & their relationship to current laws in Utah. Students will learn the steps they need to take to help protect their lien rights.

Patent Protection Basics

CECT 0215
Course will take professionals in the engineering and construction industry through the basics of patent law and how to obtain or interface with patent protection in their industry. Participants...

Successful Contracts

CECT 0206
Explore several common provisions in construction related contracts and learn how Utah law may enhance or modify provisions. Topics include: indemnification, alternate dispute resolution, prompt...

The 7 Habits of Effective Engineers

CECT 0212
Engineers are led through a step-by-step process of how to run their practice, their personal lives, their employees, and their organizations optimally and efficiently. From Dr. Covey’s best-selling...

The 7 Habits of Engineer Managers

CECT 0211
Examines leadership skills for engineering professionals. Engineers will learn effective leadership skills to increase value to clients and to enhance career success. From Dr. Covey’s best-selling...