CPS2 Career Exploration - Career Exploration

Program Overview

Solving problems is inherent to the human experience. When the right solution to a problem isn’t clear, the skills of creative problem solving help you to correctly identify the problem, provide alternative ways to generate abundant ideas, and execute on a plan for success. Learn the steps and associated tools that have been proven to work for problems of all types, sizes and levels of complexity.

Program Objectives

  • Understand the creative problem-solving steps
  • Identify and define problems correctly before generating ideas
  • Analyze nature of problem using pattern-matching strategies
  • Determine the scope of a project and create a model of the problem
  • Generate an abundant number of ideas for solving the problem
  • Select from the best ideas by filtering
  • Select the best solution for the given problem
  • Plan and execute on idea, using field-tested techniques for success and accountability

The team version includes these objectives:

  • Use team members efficiently and build consensus
  • Use teams to provide a variety of perspectives and ideas
  • Understand the dynamics of team members working in meetings and independently
  • Maintaining accountability and alignment with project objectives