Who needs Emergency Response Training?

The types of hazards most frequently identified for hazardous waste sites are similar to those that exist on construction sites and include: electrical, excavations, walking/working surfaces, lockout/tag out, cranes and other material handling equipment, hand and portable powered tools, and welding and cutting. 

The kinds of position most frequently needing this type of training include:

  • Environmental Contractors
  • HAZMAT Industry Workers
  • Emergency Managers
  • Regulatory Agency Staff
  • Public First Repsponders
  • Public Safety Professionals
Where does the training take place?

HAZWOPER courses are offered at our Meadowbrook Campus, with classroom space and outdoor areas utilized for hands-on simulations.

SLCC Meadowbrook Campus
Campus Map


Where can I get more information about HAZWOPER training requirements?

There is extensive information about HAZWOPER through the U.S. Dept. of Labor's OSHA website.  A further listing of questions, information about regulations and procedures can all be found there.