Positive Psychology (Online Certificate)

Positive Psychology emphasizes the study of human strengths, positive emotions, and well-being. This program provides information about research in positive psychology that can be applied to professional work settings as well as personal life. Students will be trained on evidence-based interventions designed to enhance well-being, resilience, post-traumatic growth, forgiveness of others, mindfulness, realistic optimism, self-forgiveness, self-respect, positive behavior and workplace satisfaction. The Positive Psychology Certificate will be issued upon successful completion of five out of ten courses.

There is a growing interest in Positive Psychology and its benefits to professionals in health care, teaching, criminal justice, human resources and social services.  All courses are taught online.


Coping with Challenging People

CEPP 0105
This course is designed for those who want to learn to communicate more effectively with difficult people.  Discover how to deal with others in pressured situations and learn techniques to avoid...

Enhancing Happiness and Life Satisfaction - offered Fall 2017

CEPP 0102
This activity and application course will introduce evidence-based positive psychology techniques from several theories.  The course goal is to learn how to increase a sense of overall well-being.

Enhancing Midlife Satisfaction

CEPP 0109
This course introduces students to a positive view of midlife challenges and transitions using strategies to increase gains and avoid losses.

Forgiveness and Anger Reduction

CEPP 0100
Forgiveness is not the same as reconciliation.  This course will explore forgiveness theories and techniques; negative effects of long-term grudges and prolonged anger; and anger reduction strategies...

Growing from Traumatic Life Experiences

CEPP 0107
Using a case study approach, this course will examine positive reactions to trauma, often called trauma transformation, self-reinvention, positive life change, post-traumatic growth (PTG), stress-...

Overcoming Self-Defeating Behavior - offered Fall 2017 Semester

CEPP 0108
This course focuses on positive behaviors that may lead to self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and self respect.  Students will explore research about self-defeatism; examine situations when self-...

Positive Psychology and Change

CEPP 0101
This course will provide an introduction to the field of positive psychology.  The focus includes the study of human strengths, weaknesses, and  characteristics that contribute to the well-being of...

Quality Intimate Relationships

CEPP 0103
The importance of relationships to the well-being of the individual cannot be diminished.  Good relationships with others may be the single most important source of life satisfaction and emotional...

Resilience after Divorce

CEPP 0106
This course explores resilience after divorce.  Students will learn about the effects of divorce, case studies of resilience, risk and resilience factors in divorce, and exercises for building...

Understanding Addictive Thinking

CEPP 0104
This course provides an overview of the thinking patterns and behaviors that contribute to addictive behavior and will incorporate both theory and applied practice.  Discover what constitutes...