Programming Languages

Classes are offered to accommodate working adults through flexible class scheduling and non-credit, short-term, practical application experiences. To inquire about courses currently not offered, please contact Lorna Gwilliam at 801-957-5332 or

TUITION REFUND POLICY: This is non-credit training. Courses must be dropped 24 hours before the course start date to receive a refund. No refunds issued after the start date.


Interactive Websites with JavaScript

WTIT 0303
Gone are the days when JavaScript had limited use in websites. Today, entire websites are dependent on JavaScript. It has become a vital tool for any front-end developer. This course not only covers...

Website Design with CSS

WTIT 0302
This course covers the fundamentals of CSS, the "Interior Design"  of creating web pages. Students are introduced to a brief history of CSS, an in-depth dive into CSS syntax, and best practices for...

Website Development Capstone

WTIT 0305
The capstone project enables students to put their new-found skills to the test. The course is designed to mirror a typical work environment. Students will work in a Scrum team to produce a business...

Website Responsive Design

WTIT 0304
This course covers the fundamentals of responsive design for mobile delivery. Students are introduced to responsive CSS fundamentals, best practices, and available framework. The course will also...

Website Structure with HTML

WTIT 0301
This course covers the fundamentals of HTML, the building block of creating web pages. Students will be introduced to a brief history of HTML and an in-depth dive into HTML,  Syntax, best practices...