Solar Photovoltaic Installation

Solar Jobs in America continue to Soar!

Read this article from the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy office, including a link to the latest National Solar Jobs Census, prepared by The Solar Foundation.

"As of November 2014, the solar industry employs 173,807 solar workers, representing a growth rate of 21.8% since November 2013"  ~ The Solar Foundation, 2014 National Solar Jobs Census

Here in Utah, demand continues to grow as well.  With home and business incentives continuing and prices still dropping, there is even great demand for qualified solar sales representatives and installation technicians.  There is every indication that we will see the need increase dramatically in Utah again in 2015.  Whether you’re a tradesman or tradeswoman already in the industry, or just looking to join the ever growing solar industry, SLCC has a program to get you started.

The Energy Institute of Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) offers training in Solar Photovoltaics geared toward this emerging workforce. Students in the solar classes will have the opportunity to use our state-of-the-art Solar Training Yard, the first of its kind here in Utah. The yard is a great addition to the student experience and allows prospective technicians to increase their knowledge and skills through hands-on training with some of the most cutting-edge materials. All curriculum was developed and is instructed by NABCEP certified instructors. Many of the courses offer re-licensing credit required by the Department of Occupational and Professional LIcensing (DOPL). Students must provide full license name and number to receive credit.

Installing Solar Panels

Learn how to assemble, install and maintain Photovoltaic panels and systems with online and hands-on training!

Solar PV Installation Certificate

SLCC awards a Certificate of Achievement to students who successfully complete all 3 of the program courses:  Electrical Principles for Alternative Energy;  Basic Photovoltaic Systems;  Advanced Photovoltaic Systems.  This represents 135 total hours of formal education which thoroughly covers the NABCEP Job Task Analysis learning objectives.  This certificate acknowledges an understanding of and experience in overall system installation and maintenance. It is designed for the person responsible for installation such as contractor, foreman or supervisor.

Salt Lake Community College is an authorized provider of the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Exam and the Entry Level Exam. 

PV Installation Professional Exam*

This certification demonstrates a high level of skills and experience in the solar installation field that can distinguish you from your competition.  Training and installation experience are required before being accepted by NABCEP to sit for this exam. 

Entry Level Exam*

This recognition demonstrates to potential employers achievement of a basic knowledge of the fundamental principles of application, design, installation and operation of PV systems.

*Please check for additional certification eligibility requirements as well as application forms and processes.


What career options are available with this training?

The Solar Career Map will help you to gain a better understanding of the diverse jobs that are growing across the industry.


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Much of the Energy Institute Solar training is based upon work previously supported by the U. S Department of Energy under Award Numbers DE-OE0000457 and DE-OE0000458.


Advanced Photovoltaic Systems

CEAE 0300
This 48 hour course builds upon the foundation of knowledge students acquire in the Basic Photovoltaic Systems course. After successful completion of course work in both the Basic and Advanced...

Basic Photovoltaic Systems

CEAE 0200
This 45 hour course introduces students to the basic principles of utility interactive photovoltaic system design. Through classroom instruction and Solar Training Yard hands-on lab activities, the...

Electrical Principles for Alternative Energy

CEAE 0100
This 45 hour course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of electricity and the National Electrical Code (NEC) pertaining to the renewable energy fields. Through class room...