Solar Photovoltaic Installation



Solar Photovoltaic Installation Certificate: This series represents 135 total hours of formal education that thoroughly covers the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Job Task Analysis. This certificate acknowledges an understanding of and experience in overall system installation and maintenance. It is designed for the person responsible for installation such as contractor, foreman or supervisor. Successful completion of these courses meets the education eligibility requirement to quality to take the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification Exam. 


Courses are approved for Utah DOPL continuing education hours.

CEAE 0100 Electrical Principles for Alternative Energy (45 Hr):

CEAE 0200 Basic Photovoltaic Systems (45 Hr): Prereq: CEAE 0100 or Instructor Approval. 

CEAE 0300 Adv. Photovoltaic System (45 Hr): Prereq: CEAE 0200 or Instructor Approval. Learn to safely work with PV systems; conduct site assessments; adapt mechanical/electrical designs; perform system checkouts/inspections; design, install, maintain & troubleshoot commercial/off-grid PV, battery based and hybrid systems. Curriculum is in accordance to the local municipality and current NEC code. Students will have hands on experience with a grid tied and off grid systems. 




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Much of the Energy Institute Solar training is based upon work previously supported by the U. S Department of Energy under Award Numbers DE-OE0000457 and DE-OE0000458.



Advanced Photovoltaic Systems

CEAE 0300
This 48 hour course builds upon the foundation of knowledge students acquire in the Basic Photovoltaic Systems course. After successful completion of course work in both the Basic and Advanced...

Basic Photovoltaic Systems

CEAE 0200
This 45 hour course introduces students to the basic principles of utility interactive photovoltaic system design. Through classroom instruction and Solar Training Yard hands-on lab activities, the...

Electrical Principles for Alternative Energy

CEAE 0100
This 45 hour course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of electricity and the National Electrical Code (NEC) pertaining to the renewable energy fields. Through class room...