Registration Information

All apprentice courses at Salt Lake Community College are now open for registration.  Registration for the Fall 2017 semester is due by August 18th, classes start on August 23rd, and tuition is due no later than September 6th.


To register for classes, download and complete the appropriate registration form (Lineworker, Metering, Substation) and submit your registration packet by:

  1. Email:
  2. Fax: 801-957-5328
  3. Mail or submit in-person:

SPED Registration Office,
Larry H. Miller Campus, MPDC 110
9750 South 300 West Sandy, Utah 84070

You will need to know the course title, course ID, CRN, and semester, which can be found below.

The registration office will contact you when they receive your application to confirm your registration. Instructions to sign into the online classroom will be sent to you the week before classes begin and your instructor will contact you the first day of class.

Also, each student will be required to sign a “Student Financial Responsibility Agreement” immediately upon registration.  If you fail to do so prior to the first day of classes, you will be dropped.

All Lineworker/Metering/Substation Apprentice Courses for the Fall 2017 semester are now $782.00 to reflect increases to SLCC tuition since 2013.

Course Name






Substation Apprentice 1A

CESN 0111 001



Substation Apprentice 1B

CESN 0112 001



Substation Apprentice 2A

CESN 0121 001



Substation Apprentice 2B

CESN 0122 001



Substation Apprentice 3A

CESN 0231 001



Substation Apprentice 3B

CESN 0232 001



Substation Apprentice 4A

CESN 0241 001



Substation Apprentice 4B

CESN 0242 001