Environmental Science and Sustainability

SLCC is aware of the growing interest in and need for sustainability practices in homes, businesses and throughout the community. Environmental Science and Sustainability is an awareness of the connectivity of the world and implications of our actions. It is finding solutions through innovative approaches and expanding further options by practicing environmental stewardship.


SLCC's Environmental Science and Sustainability Certificate gives AAS and AS/AA students pursuing other major programs, an opportunity to focus on a variety of topics associated with environmental and sustainability issues and practices in order to be better prepared for this growth industry. Knowledge and skills taught in a wide variety of courses will help prepare students for various jobs in environmental science and train current workers who wish to augment their knowledge base and enhance opportunities for advancements.  The objectives of this Certificate are to:

  •     Advance student and community understanding and discourse on issues of environmental science and sustainability and the interrelationships of the economy, environment, and human well-being.
  •     Offer students the opportunity to enhance their potential degree programs and/or to provide job opportunities by focusing their study on issues of environmental science and sustainability.
  •     Encourage students to research, evaluate, analyze and communicate issues associated with the environment and sustainability through various media and genre.
  •     Offer students a quality academic program that has the potential to effect positive change at local, regional and global levels.
  •     Encourage student participation and practice in leadership and service within the wider SLCC community, providing for a more sustainable campus and an opportunity for all SLCC students to develop a basic familiarity with leading environmental and sustainability concepts and issues.


The certificate program is comprised of 23 credit hours of course work. Students are required to take seven core courses which total 17 credit hours. Students' choices for remaining courses are dependent upon areas of specialization. Several of the courses are offered online or in a traditional classroom format.


Contact the Biology Department for course listings.


Contact Program Manager/Coordinator for upcoming courses.