Transition to Teaching

This is a program for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in a subject area taught in Utah schools and who are currently teaching in a public school under contract but have not completed a teacher preparation program. Students must be accepted into the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) Alternative Routes to Licensure (ARL) Program and have a professional growth plan before they can register for classes in the Transition to Teaching program. More detailed information is available on the USOE website.


Creating a Learning Environment

EDU 2820
Students will focus on how children learn and develop. They will gain knowledge to provide learning opportunities that support students’ intellectual, social and personal development. The teacher...

Early Childhood Intergrated Curriculm

FHS 2645
This class will focus on giving teachers that are in Transition to Teaching the Early Childhood foundation to teach the current Utah State Curriculum (K-3). The class will cover the philosophy of...

Instruction, Technology, Assessment and Planning

EDU 2800
Educators will focus on creating unit plans, developing lesson plans, and breaking large concepts into smaller concepts, along with various methods of inquiry. Teachers will learn to use a variety of...

Intro to Special Education

EDU 2010
Teachers will learn about the learning and social characteristics of young people with exceptionalities—that is, disabilities (physical, mental, learning) or giftedness—and about public policy and...

Literacy Strategies

EDU 2840
This course will focus on the foundations of reading comprehension of students and decisions teachers make concerning methods, materials and procedures based on those foundations. Teacher candidates...

Survey of Learning and Teaching Diverse Populations

EDU 2860
This course explores the rationale, concepts, theory and practice of teaching diverse populations from cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic diverse backgrounds in pluralistic schools and societies...

Transition to Teaching

CEAL 0100
The Transition to Teaching program supports the recruitment and retention of highly qualified mid-career professionals, including qualified paraprofessionals, and recent college graduates who have...