Webinar Classroom

Live Teacher Guided Webinars

WebEx is a premier web conferencing technology used for eLearning at SLCC. It is important for all students participating in webinars to become familiar with WebEx prior to class.

Please contact the Transition to Teaching Manager, Maria Griffin, 801-957-5423, before the first night of class.  She will assist new students in becoming famliar with the Canvas and WebEx platform.  All students must have working headphones for speaking and listening for every webinar class. It is also recommended to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.  WebEx is not compatible with I-Pads or Chrome Books.

All students should check their Bruin email regularly, but especially a few days before each new course begins; many teachers communicate with students before the first night of class and have required assignments that will be due on the first night of class. 


The Webinar Classroom

To enter your webinar you will need to log on to your Canvas student account, select the course, select WebEx from the left menu, select the "join" button.  You may get a WebEx "add on" request. Please  install the "add-on" then click on "yes" to join the webinar in session.  If the "add-on" is not installing (it should only take a few seconds) it may be because WebEx is not compatible with Internet Explorer or Safari; consider switching to Chrome or Firefox browser.


WebEx Help:

If you have questions prior to class, please contact Maria Griffin by calling 801-957-5423, or email at maria.griffin@slcc.edu. WebEx Help - 866-229-3239 or the SLCC CANVAS help-801-957-5125.