Travel Planner

This is a well-rounded career program designed to prepare students for the travel and tourism industry, including: travel agencies, cruise lines, transportation companies, resorts and hotels, tourism companies, and corporate travel departments. The certificate program consists of 14 internet based courses offered twice each semester. Students may enroll in individual courses to increase their skills and knowledge in areas of specific interest.


Air Fares US Domestic

TRVL 1060
This course presents the basics of air fares including terms, codes, fare construction principles and fare application rules necessary to find, interpret and apply the lowest applicable fares for...

ARC Documents

TRVL 1070
This is an introductory course to ticketing. Various ticketing types, forms, policies/procedures per Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC), forms of payment, refunds and exchanges will be discussed.

Automated Air Fares & Tickets

TRVL 1080
This course will introduce students to finding the lowest fares for clients utilizing the RTS© hands-on Computer Reservation System, simulation of Sabre®, in conjunction w/ the online tutorial.

Automated Air Reservations

TRVL 1040
Students will practice booking, maintaining, changing and canceling air reservations using TRS© hands-on Computer Reservation System, simulation of Sabre®, in conjunction with the online tutorial.

Automated Travel Accommodations

TRVL 2015
Students will practice selecting, booking, maintaining, changing and canceling car rental & hotel room reservations using the RTS© hands-on Computer Reservation System (CRS), simulation of Sabre...

Fares & Tickets International

TRVL 2040
This course introduces students to international air travelers including two basic international faring systems, mileage/routing & currency procedures, international fare basis codes, base fares...

Ground Transportation

TRVL 1090
This course will introduce students to the basics of car rental policies & procedures, codes, pricing & distribution, and rail travel including Amtrak, VIA Rail, BritRail/Eurail & train...

Hotels & Lodging

TRVL 2010
This course will cover the fundamentals of the hotel product, rate structure, property & room classifications, codes, published/automated resources and non-automated reservation procedures &...

Intro to Hospitality & Travel

TRVL 1010
This course investigates the travel and hospitality industries, addressing theories, planning, and environmental issues. Students will gain a general knowledge of how and why public and private...

Selling Vacation Pkgs & Tours

TRVL 2030
This course overviews the basics of tours including components of tours, tour destinations, types of vacation packages, print & electronic resources, non-automated tour booking procedures &...

The Cruise Market

TRVL 2020
This course overviews the basics of cruises including classifications, destinations, types of cruises, and non-automated reservation procedures. Students will gain knowledge of how to book the right...

Travel Destinations

TRVL 1020
This course overviews the relevancy of geography to tourism and hospitality. Exploration of destinations around the world will expose their individuality and fascination.

Travel Reservations

TRVL 1030
Students will gain product knowledge and skills needed to research, plan and book air travel. Terminology, policies & procedures of airline travel and airline reservations will be discussed.

Travel Sales and Trends

TRVL 1050
Students will study sales techniques including telephone business manners, listening skills and tools for targeting the traveler. Web trends in the industry will also be discussed.