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Solar Photovoltaic Training Yard

Our state-of-the-art solar training yard just keeps getting bigger and better!! Additional donations have been received, allowing us to expand the hands-on learning opportunities.

Read more about it on the Interstate Renewable Energy Council website.

The Solar Program recently received accreditation through the Interstate Renewable Energy Council.  This certifies that SLCC maintains conformance to the highest quality and standards of instruction and provides the tools needed in today's competitive and ever-changing landscape.  Our Solar Training Yard offers students multiple opportunities for full installation practice of various installation types.  This includes experiencing various roofing structures, pole mounted, grid-tied and off-grid opportunities.  Close interaction with faculty ensures each student has ultimate learning opportunity.

Watch the story as reported by FOX 13 News:


The SLCC Solar Program is very thankful to all our donors who generously provided both time and materials: 

Advanced Green Technologies
Aspen Roofing
Russell Pacific
Salt Lake Community College Facilities Department
Solartek Solutions
Sol-Ice Engineered Systems
Steadfast Solar
Steven Sales
Sunlight Solar
Synergy Power

Thaniel Bishop, Lead Instructor for the Continuing Education Solar Program, coordinated the construction of the training yard with collaboration from students as well as staff in both the School of Math, Science and Engineering and the Division of Continuing Education. 

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Much of the Green Academy training is based upon work previously supported by the U. S Department of Energy under Award Number DE-OE0000457 and DE-OE0000458.