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Sustainability is an awareness of the connectivity of the world and implications of our actions. It is finding solutions through innovative approaches and expanding further options by practicing environmental stewardship.

SLCC's Sustainability Certificate gives students an opportunity to focus on a variety of issues associated with sustainability. Knowledge and skills taught in a wide variety of courses will help prepare students for jobs in green industries and train current workers who wish to augment their skills and enhance opportunities for advancements.

The certificate program is comprised of 24 credit hours of course work. Students are required to take four core courses which total 12 credit hours. Students' choices for remaining courses are dependent upon areas of specialization. Students have the option to take required courses online or in a traditional classroom format.


ECON 2250 - Environmental Economics
BIOL 1400 - Environmental Science 
ENVT 2200 - Laws/Policy for Sustainability
PHIL 2300 - Intro Environmental Ethics

ELECTIVES (12 Credit Hours)

BIOL 1070 - Marine Biology
BIOL 1120 - Conservation Biology
BIOL 2220 - Ecology/2225 lab
GEOG 1000 - Earth's Surface Environments
GEO 1060 - Environmental Geology/1065 lab
GEOG 1400 - Human Geography
GEOG 1700 - Natural Disasters
GEOG 2200 - Urban Environmental Issues
GEOG 1800 - Introduction to GIS
MET 1010 - Introduction to Meteorology
COMM 1140 - Environmental Communication
PSY 2400 - Eco-Psychology
ARCH 2990 - Sustainability and Green Building
AUTO 1299 - Auto Training in Alternative Fuels
CHFA 1600 - Herb Horticulture
GEOG 1820 - Applied GIS