Travel Planner Certificate

Travel Planner

This is a well-rounded, career program designed to prepare you for the travel and tourism industry, including: travel agencies, cruise lines, transportation companies, resorts and hotels, tourism companies and corporate travel departments. The program consists of 14 internet-based courses offered twice each semester. Students may enroll in individual courses to increase their skills and knowledge in areas of specific interest. Each course is offered as half-semester courses, 1st half or 2nd half of semester. Students need to complete the coursework in whichever 8 weeks of the semester they are enrolled in.

Sample Schedule

Fall Semester


Spring Semester

TRVL 1010 Intro to Hospitality & Travel 2 Cr. TRVL 1050 Travel Sales & Tickets 2 Cr.
TRVL 1020 Travel Destinations 2 Cr. TRVL 1090 Ground Transportation 2 Cr.
TRVL 1030 Travel Reservations 2 Cr. TRVL 2010 Hotels & Lodging 1 Cr.
TRVL 1040 Automated Air Reservations 2 Cr. TRVL 2015 Automated Travel Accommodations** 1 Cr.
TRVL 1060 Air Fare US Domestic* 2 Cr. TRVL 2020 The Cruise Market 2 Cr.
TRVL 1070 ARC Documents* 1 Cr. TRVL 2030 Selling Vacation Packages & Tours 2 Cr.
TRVL 1080 Automated Air Fare & Tickets* 2 Cr. TRVL 2040 Fares & Tickets International 1 Cr.


13 Cr.


11 Cr.


*TRVL 1040 is a prerequisite for TRVL 1060,1070, and 1080. It is highly recommended students take these four courses together, concurrently.

**TRVL 1040 and 1080 are prerequisites for TRVL 2015. Make sure you have completed these two courses prior to enrolling.